The Globish Foundation Overview

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(in Globish)

The Globish Foundation was established in Australia in 2011 as a not-for-profit company to support the growth of Globish all over the world.

The Foundation aims to help those who are supporting, teaching, learning or researching Globish. It aims to develop Globish as a world standard* and is working with the International Standards Organisation (ISO/IEC JTC1 SC36) on this.

The 'father' of Globish, Jean Paul Nerrière has kindly given his time and efforts to the Globish cause for many years. He has spoken about Globish to many people and worked with many to establish its value, especially those who, like him, does not have English as a native language. He, like many, wants to be able to communicate with people everywhere: people who speak other languages but have learned to communicate with each other in simple English - in Globish!

Other people and companies also work on Globish. It is necessary to have teachers, writers, computer tool makers and lots of other people involved in the work of Globish. Many of these people are working for a profit. Their work is supported by the Foundation.

The Foundation depends upon gifts and welcomes help of many sorts:

Input of information about
-- the use of Globish
-- where and how to learn Globish
-- Globish resources for learners and teachers, and
gifts of
-- funds
-- time and effort
-- resources (including tools for working with Globish).

Sponsorship of the Globish Foundation can be used to directly support any sponsor/giver's chosen community. For example, people with a shared language, other than English, often also share difficulties in speaking or learning Globish. Their special difficulties can be worked on by special language teachers so that all with the same problems can use the resources specially made for them for free.

* an ISO standard is a set of rules and definitions agreed upon by many countries working with ISO